Being right doesn’t excuse your behavior

If you lose a man’s respect, you’ve lost the man

You walk on the street side of a lady, regardless of the fact that carriages are no longer splashing mud around.

Never demean a man, least of all in front of his wife or children.

Early is on time, and on time is late

This is not an issue of cool or not, this is an issue of respecting someone’s single most finite and valuable resource: their time.

Hard work is good for the soul.

Walking with pace is not the same as walking with purpose.

No matter how many people may be watching, you do the right thing.

If you do something, do it with purpose.

In issues of preference, others are neither right nor wrong.

Advice is good, but if good advice is to be affective, it must be timed rightly.

The necessary is always possible. and the possible is not always necessary.

Give answers definitively. If you’re unsure of something, make that known.

Never promise more than you can deliver.

Always remember that you’re not always right.

You never leave a game until the final whistle.

You walk with a woman, not in front of her.

There are two places where you never offer unsolicited advice: a golf course and another man’s house.

It’s okay to not know the answer, but only the first time.

Never apologize unless you’ve done something wrong; but once you have done something wrong, apologize then.

Know how to drive a car with a manual transmission.

Rules were made to be broken, laws were made to be kept. Be aware of both, no matter what your situation.

Always carry a pen and something to write on.

If you make eye contact, you say hello.